A full service marketing + video production facility.

Zaahi Studios continues to push the boundaries of digital marketing by creating innovative and engaging solutions for clients as well as our creative community network.

Marketers build brands, storytellers craft universally meaningful stories, and artists and film-makers help you tell your story. Zaahi Studios connects this house of talented teams and crews, offering limitless possibilities and solutions rooted in imagination.

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When Zaahi Studios sets out to create something, we aim to do more than tell the story. We build teams that champion new voices, experiences and viewpoints because we believe that’s what makes the best stories.


We strive to provide opportunities to those who haven’t had traditional pathways into the entertainment industry so that the stories we tell are reflective of our audiences and remain long-lasting. Our partnerships with local broadcasting companies allows our Creative Talent Members easy access to industry relationships.


We are a one-stop-shop for all things creative. This is what makes Zaahi Studios one of the city's leading marketing and video production company.


Prep Smart Food is an online food prep business that focuses on healthy eating and fast delivery. Our creative team redesigned their website, logo, and provided high end food photography. The company also looked to us to build its CRM and customer data base system to be ready for a national reach.

Film Indiana's mission is to showcase our state's resources, and assistance with film, television, and commercial production.


Film Indiana's cast and crew needed a studio that could delivery on space and functionality. Our 1,000 sq. ft. of Green and White CYC Wall accommodated the team of producers, director, actors, light and grip crew to achieve their goals.



Zaahi Studios is committed to strengthening communities by providing hope, happiness, and comfort to kids and families who need it most.


The best part of filmmaking is to pass it on to the next generation of storytellers. Throughout the VIP Tours you will experience the amazing work of our studio as we guide you through the world of film and TV.

The Zaahi Studios. VIP Experiences include priority all-access to production sound stages, a live show during the tour (based on itinerary), and behind-the-scenes experiences.


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